Jewelry and 3D go better together! RhinoGold 6 is ready to ignite your passion for jewelry and combine it with the latest technology. The most advanced tools to create custom jewelry make RhinoGold the best choice for jewelry professionals

The New RhinoGold 6.6

Your Digital Solution is Updated and ready for Rhino 6

RhinoGold dramatically improves the most important aspects of the RhinoGold experience. It introduces advanced new Decorative and Time-Saving tools.
A right Interface for Jewelry CAD together with the ease of its tools, make RhinoGold the right way-to-go.

RhinoGold 6 now in Pro and Basic version

The latest and most advanced CAD for Jewelry

RhinoGold 6.6 Pro Upgrade from v6.5.png

RhinoGold 6.6 Pro Upgrade from v6.5

Upgrade your current RhinoGold on Rhino 5 to Rhino 6!


RhinoGold 6.6 Pro

Rhino 6 License, RhinoGold 6.6 Pro License, Clayoo, ender, 6-month Premium Learn Subscription


RhinoGold 6.6 Pro (Plugin)

RhinoGold 6.6 Pro License, Clayoo, Rendering, 6-month Premium Learn Subscription


RhinoGold Cloud

RG Cloud License up to 50,000 views


RhinoGold 6.6 Pro Upgrade from v5

RhinoGold 6.6 License, 3-month Premium Learn Subscription



Create more quickly with RhinoGold Elements

Choose. Combine. 3D Print.

In just three steps you can: 
1. Choose from a large selection of jewelry components. 
2. Easily combine and edit them to suit your needs. 
3. Provide your customer with the perfect design.

No Computer Skills Required


WOW your customer!

Dress up your marketing to create an astonishingly photorealistic image and video of your designs.

Take advantage of our rendering tools to create your own virtual catalog with beautiful and unique photos and videos. Add value to your marketing with RhinoGold tools such as Render Studio, Web 3D, and RhinoGold Cloud.

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Make it real: 3D Print.

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RhinoGold provides integrated manufacturing ability through Stuller or quick CAM exporting to produce your designs as you wish.


Be Creative.
Design from Scratch

Product Subtitle

When you want to build jewelry from scratch, RhinoGold Jewelry Builders and Advanced Creation Tools allow you to explore the world of 3D and create your one of a kind design.

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Sculpting Tools

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Remove the complexity of curve and surface modeling with interactive sculpting tools. These sculpting tools are similar to real world clay modeling or wax carving interaction.
Create complex organic sculptures quickly and easily.


RhinoGold Online Course

The purpose of our online course is to assist jewelers in getting started with their CAD experience and to make daily CAD production easier and faster to meet and exceed high-quality industry standards

  1. Online Lessons->Hands-on Lessons to level up your freeform modeling skills

  2. Coursework->Practice makes perfect! Designed to strengthen your skills with each lesson

  3. Help and Support->Continuous follow-up and assistance by our team of expert trainers

  4. Certificates->Receive official recognition from TDM Solutions for your work and share your accomplishments!